Rust Bowl Ballads Vol. 1

by Deaed Language

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    1. Dawn
    2. Idol Reveries
    3. The Tournament
    4. At Daggers Drawn
    5. Be Wise As Serpents
    6. Disillusioned
    7. Prayrie (Bonus Beat)

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A tyrate upon the state of things forgotten.


released June 21, 2011

All tracks written, produced, recorded, and (poorly) mixed by Deaed Language. All beats made on an MPC 2000XL. All sounds sampled off records.



all rights reserved


Deaed Language Olympia, Washington

Personal-as-political rap, MPC beats.

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Track Name: The Tournament
the tournament is nothing when the colliseum decomposes
your broken enchantment spirals my nautilus
cooked fresh out brick in wall factories on pavement
fallout radiation victims slither withered roots
invade like black bamboo and himalayan berries to hearts thru lung and throat
my duck ugly dives the social cause like swan that functions
the chaos hunter wields the bow to cannibals tearing up them cobwebs
and candle flames and sage erase the aura of anna imitators
like solar rays on wheatpasted burnside burners
under the bridge its all about them monikers
build the pyramid feeding jacksons blazing grafted to lemon branches
and aorta nectar gathered from next door neighbors ever ahead in profits
the mediated voices police each other outside the cerebellum
the trust machine fractures schizo not double helixed up jacob's ladder
the preconditioned tension venting lends to snakes attention gripping
but i cant let them drink my sparks and shrink my boeing's radius
i can't believe this from cromagnons to bald desert eagles
every species intertwines but mine if not on
mescaline, di-methyl triptamine or lysergic acid
the darkness armies in their riseup count their blessings by the blood of falcons
my stains are wine for backlit coven's dancing beyond the caverns entrance
it never keeps the friendships tangible
rotates the spectacle but respectable
walk on wires and try to act so cool
why you go meetings just to get shit done but everyone's caught up in their problems
as if the world ain't got the biggest ones
but i know how it goes

im propelled thru the 4th dimension in times changing like minds
grifting 40s at corner store bingers for another night of house show with whatever loose ends
cupids red and brunette headed shooting arrows dipped in pharmaceuticals thru my eros
the hourglass teseracts sum it inside their parisian boulevards, the boxes stacked against us
i wrap these knuckles owned in a saturday morning barfood hangover cartoon puker depleting my fluids
seattle coffee show windows shatter
living worldly art street its lavished the panoptics dream false spectrums
and mangled ghost bike magic makers ride their cloud nine islands until they too are removed
but some day its better living thru technology and commonality
we are the breeders of the past, we are the makers of today
we are the hands that work to make a difference with art
no fate to please the boss
the non profits lobby congress still the gulf shore burns the scent of tortoise
still the voiceless drown in their own lies pitted at any cost against each other
but the system that divides us is the enemy we all must come to conquer
so let's share our seeds plant the greatest garden sit together and feed our hunger
but the serpents always found me and i beheld the soil everywhere was lousy
so i compost my hard work for the canopy and left it all behind
for the next levelers to decide whether chaos is a function of the quantum
or if i've truely lost my ticket to paradise

cuz our friends may not friends
but our enemies are still our enemies
to build the strongest intention build a stronger community
friends aren't always friends
but enemies are always enemies
to speak of power to speak of equals in communiques to liberate humanity
our friends may not friends
but our enemies are still our enemies
to build the strongest intention build a stronger community
friends aren't always friends
but enemies are always enemies
to speak of power to speak of equals
to stop speaking so much

paper planes written stuff in amber bottles to crash at sea
and fly home as sparrows where human dramas spread like tarot cards on black oak tables
little hellion fingers lock, twisted souls beneath the heavens
connected in their thoughts conscious hearts die for noble causes
where bone like roads do cross these stranger shadows pass my thoughts at times
to be a tombstone under the suns corona
read my knowledge that its all irrelevent
in the context opposite banks of manhattans chase and the willamette
the corpus collosum, gaza, democrats, and federal agents
am i only here for the massive die off?
write about it for your homework
global holocaust on a pale blue dot floating thru cold universe
the loss of language, the end of existence
most shit i dont get with
people with something to prove got something to hide
hide in the basement on foote st
i ain't got nothing figured but figure there's work to be had locally
if things weren't so awkward between us we could stitch the seams and free the people
Track Name: At Daggers Drawn
(we stand at daggers drawn)
now earth firsters squat sequoias in northern california
i live and breathe inside a dying culture
falling apart like irradiated tanks at hanford
falling into place like banner drops and day laborers
the day after tomorrow no more drones on the border
where modified corn crosses heritage crops
spreading terminator genes sterilizing the earth
you gotta ask yourself what are we doing in front of computers?
the art's indirectly active and adds like adbusters to the flood of the spectacle
beyond the greenwashed biomass riding tides rise the honest parts per millions of capitalists
will your squats and farms survive the winter droughts?
they sell us homes and food
we slave to carry on
infertile resistance is packing guerilla bullets in seed balls
while poor people get killed for protecting their home
if it's a battle in seattle i'm voting for fire
it's bigger than fliering or holding a benefit
the change to come won't promenade across the dance floor
the more you learn to play the less you see each string as individual
cuz who watches the watchmen and who shoots the cops when they shoot us
it's a cold war for a cold world, a cold world for a..
yeah but fuck it from seeds to brothels is exponential
when grain silos turn to cooling towers after the meal goes
blockaded cities will burn athena and the chief of the village in bed with his instruments
i'm howling off overturned bulldozers hoping the moon will hear me on the run
i got nothing to lose so i give all i got squatting the planet and drawing my dagger
while you're smoking sheesha on the back of shiva with coal stripped off the back of appalacia
its back to zero and back to nature
with force cuz last i heard she'd never think to take us
the puppet show in that republic casts the darkest shadow across the masses
and reputations burn to kaleidoscope my world in the dynamite colors of anti-human fascists
to be continued, to be replaced by fungus, a gas can, and a kitchen timer
where do your toys come from before the shelf in the store?
where does your trash go in the wars over food and water?
as maquilladoras power global northerners in the coming shortages
desperation spreads like a plague upon us
everybody sees it coming, nobody gives up their comforts
(we stand at daggers drawn)
from the cul-de-sacs to the community gardens armed struggle spreads thru the gated suburbs
all species leave and never return humans aren't special thats something you gotta learn
they control the weather, the sun wont last forever
they kill the outspoken and offset their carbon
so protest the violence nonviolently in pioneer squares like tiennamen
set your flesh on fire
it fits like silk road bricks of gold in the palms of haitian or rawandan children
born with 200 chemicals inside their umbilicals
excess culture's footprint is bigger than dinosaurs
from new orleans to the niger delta they'll terraform a new world order when the fields are gone
as texaco bleeds a tar sand desert dust the cleanest carbon stays sunk in the amazon

the class was dismissed to play in the sun
and when the water was drawn it set on fire
so we drank 8 cups cuz they said it was good for us
but they never drank with us (at daggers drawn)

where will i be setting fires when they gun me down?
hauling water and wood and freeing the salmon
we're living like fuck today or is it fuck tomorrow
defend a tree and your family defend the fields
in the century of self the temperature change, clean water diminished
comfortable creatures bottle it in plastic and build a bomb shelter
melt all that plastic, build a bomb
kill a cop fossils peaking and freaking on the globe like krink drips
it dont add to growth well then its honest work
that dont serve a existence fighting your cancer
my only enemy is civilization forever
on a list watched by satanists
as the world burns evolve past the legacy
its ever present, every second
the foul stench of death, my final instant of truely living
so where will you be when the sirens sound?
when dust fills the sky skies begin to fall
you know that life was always meant to be more
there are no second chances to live by your words
(we stand at daggers drawn)
Track Name: Be Wise As Serpents
you want to change that planet but seems there are greater things to life than meaning
you want to save yourself when safety's another net they catch you in dreaming
i got nothing for nobody
in a world of appearances best get wise as serpents
for where we are heading is precisely where we started
lay your guns down to shoot at foundations
ask for that hand up, dont expect any offering
he's trapped in the physical crude material dwelling in the negative to designate the obstacles
celebrating your dead patsy to fear his followers
jacks of all trades, masters of nothing
it ain't so easy to navigate any more
lets map these spaces and see thru the dark
illuminated your stone from the corner to the cap symbolized behind the government
until everyone forgets
they convince toying emotions locksmithing codons to overload the neurons
hypnotizing to unify your pagan religions
but i am a warrior in this world as if nothing can touch me
mind control is not holographic it penetrates the labyrinth of the self manufactured
so caltrop tires when life passes by or expect the fun will always be provided
i guess god dont exist like al queda
controlled like the mafia by st peter's obelisk
the media's spin upholds the dream equilibrium
so study the trivium and know thy infinity
polarities swapping like trafificked russians solar surfaces erupting and galaxies aligning
it all must add up to something for the sake of sacred math in its highest numbers

this is not the way to the heart upgrading platonic solids into mendelbrot's fractals
this is not the way out of the body exploding singularities to a super massive black hole
this is not my song but the confused faces of your children's children
this is not original story but the oroborus of the all ancient allegories

the best way to predict the future is to invent the future
releasing the fallacies slowly to not frighten the many
it'll still be one hell of a light show
they blend when its convenient
ignore the clear cuts and crop circles
run rabbit down your hole for when they catch you they'll rape your offspring into split personalities and superheros
tesla won't you live again engineer a haarp for the angels to never pluck
chemtrail your ashes thru the ionosphere you don't need drugs to get there
but it won't ever hurt
to get a good jod learn that you're dumb
in room 101 i was betrayed by a calendar
now i can hardly offer the goddess my own war is peace and work is freedom`
we're certain the good times we're given aren't a mediated pittance of mechanistic clocks
with a place for everyone and everyone in their place there is only one person you can always choose to depend on
most days im feeling it
out of touch with reality unsure of which one that i'm in
where symbols conceal but also reveal to those that can see and those that can hear
so don't forget what's real even if everyone says you're crazy
i started with crimethinc and bakunin graduated to astrophysics and listened to good music
cuz everybody's ill
the way we want to be free but dont know what that really means
i have never known true freedom and still count the days until

but you won't feel it then if you don't feel it now
i don't talk to much because i think to much
if we are alone what a waste of space
splice`me open and let the alien out
you can see it in the eyes i will always listen
question eveything around you
seek out the answers yourself
stand by your convictions then go and
teach others to teach themselves
into the void the stories don't end there are infiinite perfect dimensions
in this universe of rock and fire the dust of star stuff contemplates nebulas
strip away my faulty memory all that is left is my awareness
and take my hand if you can think to trust me and we'll run beyond the limits of logan's crystal
bonded to a past i can never forget tinged with the darkest monarchs of trauma
we sold our tears to the giant's son for coins, chocolate, cheese and honey
my homies rest in pieces of my free wall my free thoughts and will and sleepless nights
the hungry are filled with fukushima
we have no traditions except prescription
Track Name: Idol Reveries
but you cant schedule life as it runs upon you unexpected
what keeps you separated from the land
and understanding where you've been and all you've known is heading
i'm stretching now beyond the clouds to a higher intelligence
asking questions in abstract language
buggin about your feathered serpents and my appearance
explore those abandoned buildings scam your latest zine volunteer for movies
and hold shows in our homes for all of our friends to come tonight and watch for free
or let's ride our bikes in to the clouds dropping punk mail to sacco and venzetti
and dream the freer dream for where we're going it's going to be all or nothing
but followers fill this hollow earth so i atone for thoughts that it cant expand
and prance the godhead dance of pan two methyl steps from trytophan
like i can season the skillet seein as we getting better acquainted
cuz i'm a nice person and you seem cool and we all know all the war's toll on endurance
cuz hard times are what unite us like asking ma "whats for dinner?"
i'll bring out the family recipe book and cook up a stronger pot of friendship
in the mountains oceans deserts collective homes libraries coops im chillin
i dont think about rap when im gathering food in the wild with other friendly humans
but i want to be the voice of the people, screaming in the streets
i speak for myself thru a worldview fucked from
promises of love and other carrots not coming thru
but time is not one of five elements, constructed
its all relative
life is everything all at once
i wonder if i'm risking my portion following visions
but all i need is room to breathe, pick fruit from trees, ponder roots and be
in this second unfolding in a lotus but who am i fooling it aint going to be that easy
today i'll start a revolution call up the homies and sieze the airways
execute transmission do something worth doing
cuz fuck hollow art without a message

on this road to everywhere i read my horoscope, torah, bible, jordan maxwell
to know the ley lines of blood that control the world kneel to that sun right in front of us
indoctrinated would we play fair outside the cages
what's to come?
no rap can evict a political prisoner
burn that soapbox everything's politics
its the same shit every day victim spliffin kickin it on the porch
figuring that's what moms had in mind when she said i could do anything that i ever wanted
but for all the records of collapse and hunger the goyim need their flying saucers
so it's great we got all these artists in one town to be down together, but now what?
it's no regrets, apologies, self righteousness, no tv series
i'm seeking truth inside illusion
to take off mask and fight back the demons
i'm dreaming of a covenant between me and tomorrow's rainbow doubling
replacing weeds with sunflowers to press the oil and feed the populace
this story's older than ritual i got no time for fiction when i learn my history
cuz these days there's so much more to think about when you think about it
nawm sayn